Lake Rose Cottage

The best of urban home design on a tree-filled suburban lot with a view- this family home is set back on the lot to give privacy from the street and provide a visual connection to nearby Lake Rose. The home incorporates the old-house urban characteristics of simple form, good craft, light-filled spaces and a charming front porch. The efficient foursquare plan is ordered around a central staircase, which, along with a detached garage, allows for living spaces to wrap the perimeter of the house and access light and views. Small bedrooms on the upper level leave space for a convenient laundry area and a sitting nook that doubles as a quiet getaway during the day or as a last stop for the wind-down bedtime routine.

Project Team

Jean Rehkamp Larson, Ryan Lawinger


JS Johnson & Associates

Interior Design

Design 29


Susan Gilmore


Watermark Awards 2012
Home of the Month 2012

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