Lake of the Isles Redux

This classic house has graciously anchored its corner site on Lake of the Isles for generations, but was in need of overall refinement and tailoring. Materials throughout the house were replaced or refreshed, the kitchen fully renovated, and master suite expanded. New lighting and finishes transformed the walls into gallery space suitable for the homeowner’s art collection. The attic and basement were thoughtfully reworked, transforming both into ultimate hangout space for the family’s two teenagers. Views out to the lake are now comfortably balanced with indoor privacy, and new stone walls and landscaping complement the outdoor courtyard. This house is comfortably resettled for another generation on the lake.

Project Team

Mark Larson, Amanda Kay


Streeter & Associates

Interior Design

Martha Dayton Design


Steve Henke (1-11, 18-19), Kory Reckinger/Martha Dayton Design (12-17)


Mpls. St. Paul Home & Design August 2017

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