A Net Positive Home with a MN Green Path Master Certification

We are excited to announce that one of our recently completed projects has achieved the highest recognition of Master Certification from MN Green Path due to its energy efficiency, high indoor air quality, water conservation, resources management, and land use. In addition, this all-electric home will be net positive with a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score of -2, which means it will produce more energy than it consumes in a year. To put this into perspective, the average new home in Minnesota has a score of 50.

The road to net zero began with passionate clients who cared deeply about their home’s environmental footprint. Together, we started the design process thinking broadly about overall massing on the site and glazing orientation to maximize daylight while reducing solar heat gain in the summer. We consulted with Building Knowledge to optimize the home’s envelope and chose 10” thick Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) for the walls, which reduce thermal bridging while providing high R-values, roof trusses filled with blown in cellulose, T-mass foundation walls with 10% less carbon, and triple pane H windows that provide added comfort for the homeowners.

Air tightness is also extremely important for the home’s overall performance. Thanks to the expertise and oversight of Hagstrom Builder, we were able to achieve an air tightness of 1.36 ACH50 far exceeding our goal of 3 ACH50. This, coupled with efficient systems like a ground source heat pump and the building envelope, allowed us to offset all energy consumption with a solar panel array on the roof from Cedar Creek Energy.

Materials and finishes were chosen with sustainability in mind. A zinc roof, natural cementitious stucco and stone walls, and stone trim were selected for their natural beauty, durability, and low maintenance on the exterior. Inside, we selected a mineral paint, Romabio, that absorbs CO2, custom terrazzo floors with recycled aggregate and glass from Concrete Arts, and locally sourced materials like granite countertops from northern Minnesota, hand-blown LED light fixtures from Hennepin Made, and hand-crafted metal details from Bold Metalwork.